Cecy Correa

The Psychology of Fake News (And What Tech Can Do About It)

Oct 27, 2017 | Reading time: 1 mins


Technology, the internet, and Facebook are a few objects of blame when it comes to the fake news phenomenon. For many, fake news seems like either a new occurrence, or a situation exacerbated by recent technology. But fake news has been around since, well, news has been around.

Humans are wired to believe fake news. We are predisposed to agree with information that already supports or conforms to our existing world view. Okay, so just change that world view, right? Deeply held beliefs are as hard to unlearn as unlearning how to drive a car.

So why does our brain work this way? In this talk, I will explore how the way our brain works is conducive to believing fake news. Understanding the psychology behind fake news will help us, as technologists, build better tools to serve our users.


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