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Developer who enjoys writing and speaking about tech

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Talks & Podcasts

The Psychology of Fake News (And What Tech Can Do About It)

Keep Ruby Weird 2017

Fake news is not a tech problem, it’s a human problem. To build the tools necessary to combat fake news, technologists must think differently. We must understand the psychology behind fake news to arrive at a solution that is human-centric and attainable.

Getting In: Transitioning Into a Career in Tech

ACT-W 2017

If you are brand new to the tech industry and are wondering how to get started, or transitioning into tech from a different career, this talk is for you! I recently reinvented my career from the ground up and went from marketing to software engineering in the course of a year. In a short period of time, I tried everything from self-teaching, to remote self-paced classes, and ultimately a coding bootcamp. This talk will cover: 1) How to determine if tech is right for you, 2) How to develop a growth mindset to help you be successful in tech, 3) Understanding how you learn best, 4) Getting your first tech job

Unix Command Line for Beginners and Non-programmers

TexasCamp 2017

The command line can have a steep learning curve if you're just getting started. This talk aims to give a beginner friendly introduction to the command line to get you started. If you're not a programmer, you can benefit from understanding and using the command line too! This talk will get you started!

I Don't Need Another Google Hangout

The Bike Shed Podcast Ep. 115

Episode of The Bike Shed podcast, recorded at RailsConf 2017. We cover the topic of hiring practices, specifically how to hire diversely, as well as how to hire junior developers.

Better Hiring Practices for Fun and Profit

RailsConf 2017

The average American worker will have 10 jobs before the age of 40. There's a great deal of opportunity and mobility in our industry, and yet, our hiring process is anything but pleasant or streamlined. The hiring process is time consuming for both candidates and employers, but we can do better! Let's explore the ways we can improve the hiring process by writing better job descriptions, utilizing systems that free us from unconscious biases, focusing beyond culture fit, and using better (more fun) technical interviewing methods.

Level up your GIF game

CSS Dev Conf 2016

A exploration of the history of the GIF, how to best use GIFs in the workplace, and the best GIF workflows.

From Project Managing to Coder

Non Breaking Space Show Ep. 93

In this episode of the Non Breaking Space podcast, I chat about how I transitioned from various jobs such as account management and marketing into coding.

Zero to API Hero: Consuming APIs Like a Pro

RailsConf 2016

Primer for new developers on how to work with 3rd party APIs.