4 tools in my social media utilikilt I couldn’t live without

Sometimes, folks want me to suggest them one social tool that will do everything for them. But a good social media manager doesn’t just have one tool they use. You have a collection of tools that you fine tune and use in such a well-oiled fashion that often times, you’ll find you don’t need fancy, expensive all-in-one tools. These are the tools in my social media utilikilt.

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Velveeta mac and cheese: surprisingly not gross

The best mac and cheese I’ve ever made was very creamy. The recipe called for heavy cream, tons of butter, and tons of cheddar cheese.

This year, for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make mac and cheese, but I didn’t want to do my usual mac and cheese recipe. It’s very involved and takes a lot of ingredients. So I had the brilliant idea of using Velveeta as a base for my cheese sauce. What could go wrong?

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